About Me

Safaa AbouAlfa

Welcome to a healthier life style! My name is Safaa. I am a Fitness Instructor and Certified Health Coach. Nutrition and physical fitness is my passion.

I offer a 12 one on one sessions online of 45 minutes training. Or if you prefer to workout on your own  you can get my 12 week shred program package that covers nutrition and training.

I also offer an online course to educate individuals and families on simple, effective ways they can live healthier lives.

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As a young adult, I suffered from an eating disorder that caused me to become severely underweight. I became so thin that I no longer had any energy. Most days the only thing I allowed myself to eat were granny smith apples, and I would force myself to walk for at least two hours every day.  At my lowest point I only weighed 90 pounds. I knew I had to take control of my life again. Even though I overcame my eating disorder, I still had an issue with food. I would always be overwhelmed with guilt whenever I ate. Even with exercise, I never felt happy with my body. That’s when I decided to  become a Health Coach and Fitness Instructor. It changed everything. Throughout my entire life, I’ve never felt so good and fit as I do now. I learned how to build healthy eating habits without guilt, and discovered a proper way to exercise. I feel empowered with the effect theses changes have had on me, and now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with the world so you and your family can feel empowered too.

The course is so engaging and fun.

Nidal Unis

After enrolling with this course I have more energy and my whole family is eating better.

Alisar Medinski